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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ignition Improvements Part 2

Nippendenso also makes decent points sets.If you want to run hot coils there are many 3 ohm choices: Dyna is always good stuff, and auto coils are abundant.I use Pertronix epoxy part number #40611 and NO ballast required.I purchased mine from Summit Racing. Now you need some good plug wires.Dyna universal set#516? work great and use the nipple on the end of the plug which is much better then just the threads.My favorite choice of plugs would be the NGK Iridium DR8EIX[stock heat range].These are expensive at about $10/$11 each.Now if you are a throttle twisting freak you can add the Dyna DRL300 revlimiter and it is adjustable to whatever RPM you want to set it at.I rev mine to 9500 with my tune up.I bought all my Dyna stuff from Pingel Enterprise, but shop around! Also make sure your mechanical advance has good springs and moves freely.Take it apart, clean it and lube with motor oil or light grease.You should be able to use the springs for the XS650 from MikesXS. Good Day! Jim P.


  1. Thanks Jim.

    I've also contacted Newtronic and haven't received a reply. I think I contacted them 1-2 months ago.

    This is such a frustrating bike to work on. For example, the XS400 has a completed gasket set available as does the XS650. The XS 500 however has nothing and each gasket must be sourced individually.

    The timing chain is available from Yamaha for $150 but the XS650 has aftermarket options for around $50.

    The list goes on and on.

    Anyway, back to the ignition, these guys make custom kits:

    They appear high quality and I have seen people import them (for other bikes) to North America without any problems. I would love to get them to build a system for the XS500 as it also upgrades the charging system.



  2. I actually made good contact with Newtronics[now AUTOCAR] and they where very responsive,know there is a market for this application and said they were working on updating the YAM3 kit.We shall see if it happens.Sure hope so. Jim

  3. Just an update: the YAM3 Newtronics ignition has been available for a couple months now.