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Monday, October 25, 2010

Brakes Broke

Both brake calipers were seized up. That's not uncommon on bikes that have sat for a long period of time. Most times, you can rebuild them after carefully stripping them down. This is the case with the front caliper, not so the rear.
Rebuilding the calipers is a pretty simple and strait forward affair. As long as the piston and bore are in good shape,you just need to replace the seal and boots.As you can see from these pictures, the rear bore and piston are trashed and can't be saved. So it is to Ebay I go to find a suitable replacement.There are several candidates as the XS model calipers are interchangeable between models. The front is differentiated from the rear with bleeder screw placement. So if your looking to replace the rear caliper, make sure you check the bleeder screw location before pulling the trigger on a used one.That is about the only difference I can find between the two.

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