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March bom

Saturday, October 2, 2010

500E off to a good start

After rebuilding the carbs, fresh plugs, new oil and sorting out the wiring, the ol' XS is purring like the proverbial kitten. this bike is in such a bad state of repair, I thought it would be an exercise in frustration getting her up and running. The previous owner stated that it ran great when he parked it three or four years ago. How many times have you heard that statement. I still have a long way to go, but I am off to a good start.


  1. I just got this exact bike a few weeks back, mine is a 76 though. Your site has great content, thanks for the posts.


  2. I was looking for XS500 resources and found all the info was scatted around the web. Although the XS500 yahoo group has quite a bit of info. I just thought it would be nice to have one place to go to get tech info on the TX/XS 500. The XS650, 750, 850, and 1100 have more info than one would ever need. I would like to do the same with this blog. Thanks for stopping by.