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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ignition Improvements

Improving the igniton can be grouped in two ways:using points or going pointless.Pointless the best option is the Newtronics kit # YAM3.It is out of production,but I am sure their are some sitting on a shelf somewhere.Newtronics was bought out several years ago and if we show a big enough demand we could probably influence them to build more kits.I have tried contacting them,but so far no response.They are located in England.I have used this kit and it works great.You can always modify an existing kit for another bike or build your own from scratch if your are up to the challenge.Using points really isn't all that bad.You can find FactoryYamaha points sets and tune up kits by visiting older Yamaha shops[especially if they have been in one location for a couple of decades], or of course there is always Ebay[just saw a complete OEM kit go for $10 which included points,condensor and 2 plugs!]. You can get good Hitachi tune up kits or individual points sets from Sudco International in California.While checking them out,you may want to order parts for you stock CV carbs! Yup, they have some of that too.Now that you have a good set of points adjusted properly with a touch of oil on the felt pads you can add a Dyna Ignition amplifier DBR-2 which drastically improves performance and points life.

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  1. yam 3 is now back in production i ordered mine today