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March bom

Monday, October 18, 2010


The prevailing theme with this bike is rust. Rust is the biggest battle I will be fighting in straightening this ride out. As one would expect, the exhaust was not immune to the ravages of corrosion. In the interest of keeping cost down, I will be using the original head pipes although the mufflers are just too far gone to save.

The joint nut would not budge, so had to crack out the old cut off tool and buzz the muffler off. You want to cut about two inches down from the nut on the muffler so not to cut into the head pipe.
Once the head pipe and muffler are divorced, it's time to turn your attention to the joint nut. You will want to take your time cutting the joint nut, to keep the head pipe intact. Once all all the cutting is done you can use a chisel or a large standard head screwdriver to pry the nut off.
And there you have it, you're now free to run 'em strait or slap on the mufflers of you choice.

Till Next Time..............

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