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March bom

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carb options

I really like the Mikuni TM series flatslides.They are tuned pretty much the same as the VM series, but they have much better throttle response and excellent overall performance,from idle to full throttle.I use 36mm on my dragbike,but 32/34mm would be perfect for street use.If you mount them on a log manifold it will give you even more torque.Another option is to use the 40mm Keihin CV flatslide which is common on modern Harleys and Kawasaki singles,etc.You can pick these up dirt cheap and they are very high quality. I am going to mount only one of these Keihin carbs on the 2 into 1 manifold for my "scrambler" street bike. Top 3 pictures are the Keihin CV,bottom 2 are the Mikuni TM. has lots of great info,parts,dimensions.Check 'em out.