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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jimmer's Dualsport XS500/YZ

Several years ago I had a really nice CR500 that came with some super trick alloy handlebars.I made up my mind then, that I would build  an "all around bike" based on those bars.Then last autumn I picked up a 1989 YZ250 roller for $50, and so it began:I used the YZ complete front end and internally lowered it 3 1/2"  and rebuilt the forks at the same time.I mounted a new Acerbis replica fender and cut out the super critical fender vent for the cylinder head.I had the Acerbis headlight and reused that,tucking all the wiring into a PVC electrical box just behind and slightly below the headlight.I then moved to the backend and removed a bunch of the monoshock junk from the swingarm and bolted that on after adding shock mounts.I treated myself to some new 13" Progressive Suspension shocks and springs.I reused a stock XS500 chain guard clearanced for the shock.  Tires are Shinko DOT trials tires with fresh IRC tubes and rim strips.I replaced my old Acerbis LED tail light with a newer, brighter one that also has the white tag light.I added a Wolfman fender bag to the rear fender.Next up was to detail the instrument cluster to clear the bars and headlight, and mount the reused TinyTach.The tach has seen 25,000 miles on my MZ and a couple more years on my brothers MZ.The controls got new dogleg levers and new rubber dust covers. I have lusted after YZ450F mufflers since 2006,so I had been watching for a good one.Wichita Craigslist came throught for $40 and I welded that to a collector I had lying around.Tone and sound level is exceptional.Now it is time for an updated title and Antique Kansas tag.Click on pictures to ENLARGE.


  1. I'll tell you what, there is no one, NO ONE, out there who reinvents the motorcycle like you do. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh,there are people out there with alot more talent than me, but thanks!

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